Isnin, 25 Oktober 2010

~Nature of a Prophet's Mission ~

Viewed on the whole, the nature of he mission undertaken by the various Prophets is seen to be as follows:
Bulleted List
  • To revolutionize the intellectual and mental outlook of humanity and to instill the Islamic attitude towards life and morality to such an extent that their very way of thinking, ideal in life and standards of values and behavior become Islamic.
  • To regiment all such people who have accepted Islamic ideals and molded their lives after the Islamic pattern with a view to struggling for power and seizing it by the use all available means and equipment.
  • To establish Islamic rule and organize the various aspects of social life on Islamic bases to adopt such means as will widen the sphere of Islamic influence in the world and to arrange for the mortal and intellectual training by contact and example of all those people who enter the fold of Islam from time to time.

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