Sabtu, 30 Jun 2012

New Dream & Skill

Alhamdulillah after long time with busy things I do, finally have a little time for my blog update.... Just want you'll to know that I'm taking an EXECUTIVE DIPLOMA IN CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY AND DIGITAL IMAGING at UTM semarak as my new elective skill & hobby... but I really want to involve in the photography....  this are some of my fist photo as newbie...

[Great DOF]

(Complimentary color [red+green])

[Cool color]

[Fast shutter Speed]

[Hard lighting]

[Leading line ]

[Light trail]


[Rim Light]



1 ulasan:

oranglidi berkata...

kasi taruk size gambor ni besar skit, baru best nak tengok. hehe

btw, yg rim light tu nice.

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