Khamis, 1 Disember 2011

What Can I Do For Someone?

This is my boring time ever since I graduate.... the time that you don't need to go to work because it's school holiday...(I'm a substitute teacher).. 3 weeks has pass.. 1 month holiday to go... Have NO idea at all what to do with a lot of time...

Need a plan first:

  1. Recite Al-Quran every day
  2. I think I would love to learn Japanese language...
  3. Improve my guitar lesson.
  4. .........
  5. ...............

But....Recently, I just have a time listening a Japanese Song...
I like Japanese more than Korean..(All my sister's like Korean) don't know why..
maybe because their (Japanese) positive culture and ethic catch my heart..

The Meaning:

Someone told me
That God is always behind us
Yes, giving love equally
To everybody

From the day I was born
To this day
I’ve been wrapped gently
In that warmth
Like the sun’s rays

We are living
For someone
What can I
Do for someone?

When you encounter sadness, close your eyes
And focus on your back
You’ll feel someone watching over it warmly
And know that you’re being protected...

Love is a chain reaction
Like the way
The trees sway
When a seasonal wind

We can’t
Live alone
Someone’s there for you
I’m there for you

We are living
For someone
What can I
Do for someone?

For someone
For someone
That’s why we’re born
And become happy

Until the day
All wars are gone
And the world unites
I will sing
Instead of watching stupid wars
On the news
I will sing
And make my voice heard

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