Jumaat, 8 Januari 2010


LOVE is infinitely mare effective in the world than hate, although they exist as equal opposites. So, I suggest reject hate and choose to explore the nature of Love, both emotionally and philosophically.

There is love of self, there is love of family, there is romantic love for another individual to whom are not related, there is love for friend. Then there is love of things that are cultural in nature:music, art and literature; love of animal; love of adventure.

There is love of God( ALLAH swt) and love for the value of one;s faith, of course. That's one kind of love, where emotional, physical and psychological elements all come into play. In many people there is a strong love of country, and it motivate them even to go to defend their homeland eg: the Palestinian. In many people there is similarly a love of and the quest for peace that is motivate by a willingness to take a stand for its pursuit. Although we talk of love as residing in the heart, it actually control by brain. That fact, however doesn't diminish what love is, and it doesn't change the fact that you feel it inside you. Emotionally, love is a conscious state driven from within.
(Say, if you love Allah then follow Prophet, Allah will love you and will forgive all your sins. He is Forgiving and He is Merciful.)

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